Casino money: where does the money go?

Needless to do the gnorri: where does the lost money go? Obviously in the casinos of the casino.
You should know that it is very rare that the casino loses all the money of an evening. Indeed, it is almost impossible, since the amount of money circulating in the casino is very high. Unless all more than a dozen people win, the casino will never go to a loss. The money lost ends up in the casino coffers, half of which will be reused for the following evening of games. The other half will serve to cover casino costs and expenses.

So there is no need to scruple about the money lost at the casino. Many of these will probably not be seen again that evening. The casino always wins, whether you like it or not.
The gambler must limit himself to playing with the right criterion and earn a decent sum, without ever weeping over the money lost to the game. Wasting time to recover everything is sometimes only harmful to one’s health, but above all to one’s wallet.

At the casino it is easier to lose money than online games, but just play with a good victory strategy in mind and, of course, a bit of common sense. The lost money does not come back, they will stay at the casino!
If you start losing all the time, forget it, we will never tire of repeating it!